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 Whittier Society

James J. Whittier was an early Kearney school board member who led the way in the construction of Kearney's first K-12 school building.

"Old Whittier" was named in his honor. The tradition was carried forward with the "New Whittier" building that was Kearney's first elementary-only school.

Individuals who give to the Kearney Public Schools Endowment through a planned gift, or a direct gift of $25,000 or more, receive the designation Whittier Society Member.

Whittier Society Members have generously provided individual scholarships, specific programs, and support for the general endowment fund.

Whittier Society Members advance education for Kearney Public Schools' students forever.

The following have invested in the KPS Endowment:

  • KAAPA Ethanol
  • Frank Cepel Estate
  • Mark and Karyn Dahlke
  • Jerry and Joyce Gloystein
  • Fred Hammer Estate
  • Kevin and Meshall Moriarty
  • Evelyn Gilland Swezea Estate
  • Marilyn Schaeffer
  • CLARcor Foundation

 About the Endowment

The Foundation has permanent investments in:

  • Board Designated Fund - currently supporting Thank a Teacher, Dual Credit Scholarships, and KHS Honors Night.
  • Endowed Scholarships
  • Kearney High Alumni Association
  • Kearney High FFA Endowment
  • Kearney High Skilled & Technical Services

 Planned Giving

Charitable Bequests

Donors can make charitable bequests to the Foundation in wills or living trusts.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is established when a donor irrevocably transfers money or securities to a trustee who invests the asset to pay annual lifetime income to the donor or others chosen by the donor. At the end of the beneficiaries' lives, the remaining trust assets are distributed to the Foundation.

  • Annuity trusts provide the tax advantages of current contributions with the security of fixed, lifetime incomes, generally for the donors and their spouses. The agreed-upon annual payments remain unchanged regardless of how the investments perform.
  • A unitrust differs from the annuity trust by providing a variable income. Payment is based on a fixed percentage of the net fair market value of the trust assets as valued annually.

Charitable Lead Trust

This type of gift provides an income stream for a specified period of time to the Foundation. The Foundation receives the income from the trust and applies it to the specific project. The principal is then returned at the end of the set period to whomever the donor designates.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance may name the foundation as beneficiary of the policy or as beneficiary and owner. Said policies should be reviewed on the policy anniversary date to ensure adequate funding to sustain the policy.

Retained Life Estate

Donors can receive a sizable charitable income tax deduction by making a gift to the Foundation of their personal residence or farm, while retaining full use and rights to the property during their lifetime.

Revocable Trust

Through a written agreement, the donor transfers assets to a trustee. Income is paid to the donor for the term of the trust.

Our Mission

KPS Foundation encourages excellence in education by providing resources to and recognition of the students and staff of Kearney Public Schools.

Our Goal

Provide funding for programs and projects which support the education for all students within Kearney Public Schools.

Helping You Invest In Education

KPS Foundation