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Scott D Morris.jpg Class of 1966 - Born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska, Scott D Morris' family spans six generations, including children and grandchildren, within Kearney and surrounding area. Scott D. Morris is currently the President of Morris Printing Group Inc. Morris Printing Group began as a local, main street printshop called Hub Printing Company when it was founded by his grandfather Fred H. Carlson in 1933. Scott's father, Harold D. Morris then became owner of the company in 1956 and renamed the printshop Morris Press expanded and evolved into a national company, now known as Morris Printing Group, Inc., with divisions including fundraising and family cookbooks, student day planner and book publishing. Scott and his wife Rochelle's contributions have provided direct support for the Scott D. Morris Institute at Kearney High School, the Morris Matinee Series, Leafie Mae's Inclusive Playground, the Scott D. Morris Family Theatre, the Kearney Area Animal Shelter, the Kearney YMCA, the Scott D. Morris International Food Festival and more. The Kearney community has benefitted tremendously from this 1966 graduate and we are proud to name him our 2018 Distinguished Graduate.


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